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Dishonest acts in the workplace for personal gain is a risk all businesses face, which can result in loss of cash, merchandise, or other assets.

Though most companies take sufficient measures through stringent recruitment and security measures, dishonest acts still occur and almost always when management least expects it. 

The growth and advancement of technology in electronic data usage and asset transfer mechanisms is growing resulting in companies are becoming more exposed to significant financial losses from unexpected transitions and gaps of knowledge which dishonest employees can utilize.

Protect your company against these various exposures and losses with Forte's Fidelity Guarantee Insurance, which offers flexible coverage based on your needs - from individual cover, to position-based cover. 

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What is the coverage?

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance policy provides financial compensation against loss to your business caused by any fraudulent or dishonest act of an employee.


The policy pays the actual financial loss sustained as a result of the dishonesty/fraudulent act of the employee. Amount payable under the policy is subject to adjustments against any salary, commission, security deposit or any other money standing to the credit of the fraudulent employee.

The loss is payable up to the limit specified for the employee. The policy does not pay more than one claim in respect of liability/loss arising out of an individual employee's acts.


The cover may be required in respect of a single employee or a group of employees. There are four types of policies for this class of insurance namely:

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