What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance protects you against costly compensations from third-party that may arise during the course of your business, during the period of insurance and within covered territory.

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Key Benefits

Forte's Public Liability Insurance, will give you confidence that your business is protected in case of any damaging events such as injuries and property damage resulting in costly third-party claims.


Your coverage can be tailored to include:

Legal defense costs
Worldwide territories and jurisdiction
Tenant liability
Temporary visits overseas
Facilities such as: 
  • Car parks
  • First aid facilities
  • Lifts, escalators, cranes
  • Cross liability
  • Defective sanitary installations
  • Liability for employee's personal belongings
  • Neon/advertising signs
  • Social/sports activities
  • Swimming pools
What types of accidents do we cover?

This policy covers your legal liability to pay compensation in the event of:

  • bodily injury, including death or illness to a third party.
  • loss or damage to a third party’s property as a result of an accident and happening in connection with your business operations.

The policy will also take care of your legal fees.

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How to claim

In event of claim please contact our hotline claim number (+856) 20 5559 8830 and our claim team will investigate and help you to settle the claim.

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